APPARIS co-founders Amélie Brick and Lauren Nouchi created their outerwear collection to offer luxurious yet stylish faux-furs. Immersed in the fashion industry from a young age, the design duo bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to their label.

Amelie fondly spent her childhood in her grandfather’s vintage shop and father’s shoe stores. Her early introduction to business encouraged her to move to the U.S. to pursue a Masters degree at Michigan State. After graduation, Brick moved to NYC where she worked for Hermès. Brick credits her time at the legendary fashion house with shaping her high-standard of a quality garment. Following Hermès, Brick held executive positions at Coach and Chanel before joining Louis Vuitton where she met Lauren Nouchi, her future business partner and co-founder of APPARIS. Born in the South of France, Lauren was also raised in a fashion retail environment developing an entrepreneurial mindset at a young age. Nouchi moved to Boston at the age of 17 to pursue studies in Global Business and Marketing. While finishing her degree, she worked at Louis Vuitton in Boston where she became well-versed in quality craftsmanship and brand storytelling.

Reconnecting with Brick on holiday in France, the two decided to merge strengths and create APPARIS. Sharing a love of fashion and understanding of the business, Lauren’s entrepreneurial and marketing background paired with Amelie’s precision and business acumen make for an paralleled skillset. The decision to be cruelty free using only faux fur and 100% vegan products is one that came naturally. The design duo agree that top quality and approachable price point can coexist without compromising fit and style. This mentality is a driving force behind APPARIS and it radiates through each new design and collection.



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